music meme: five soundtracks - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, c. Yuki Kajiura (1/5)

"At first, one of the soundtrack’s primary functions was to deceive – to trick us into believing that this was no more than any other Mahou Shoujo anime, but at the same time, it also hinted at the hidden darkness lying just beneath the surface." (read more, contains spoilers)

music meme: one band/performer - Sufjan Stevens

"The kind of art that I make is really quite personal and requires a lot of attention, like having a child. I mean, you can take credit for it for only so long, and then you realize that it’s somewhat autonomous. It almost has its own consciousness, because it’s communicating things and affecting people regardless of me. In bedrooms and living rooms and radio stations - well, not really radio stations, because they don’t play me, but I realize it’s not my own, it’s a gift for everyone else. They own it as much as I do."


1 band/performer
2 genres
3 instruments
4 music videos
5 soundtracks
6 songwriters
7 voices
8 lyrics
9 albums
10 songs

feel free to change and add anything you want!

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